Information for Faculty & Staff

Community and civic engagement through service learning can be a powerful teaching tool to help you enhance student learning while also serving the public interest. The following information can help your efforts to develop partnerships with community leaders and organizations, make connections, or revise courses and manage the logistics of a service learning activity for your students.

  • New to WP and the community? Register to vote and make your voice count in upcoming elections.
  • Planning to teach a UCC Area 5 (Community and Civic Engagement) course? The UCC website has information on the requirements for UCC Area 5 as well as the course development process.
  • Looking for community and civic engagement activities that students in your classes should attend? The Office of Campus Activities, Service and Leadership can help. Also, check out the civic engagement Calendar of Events.
  • Need assistance modifying your course to include service learning? The Center for Teaching Excellence can provide you with resources and refer you to colleagues who can help.
  • Limited funding and logistical support may be available for service learning activities embedded in Area 5 UCC courses. Whether you are seeking a one-time, one-day service activity for your class or planning a longer alternate spring break experience, we may be able to help. Please email Jonathan Lincoln, associate provost for curriculum and international education, at or call at 973-720-2858 so we can discuss your plans.
  • Go to the Resources section of this website to learn about organizations that regularly host our student volunteers. Contact the Office of Campus Activities, Service and Leadership to find out how you or your students can help one of our partners.
  • If you are seeking community-based research opportunities for you or your students, the Paterson Metropolitan Region Research Center may be able to help.