Spring 2021

Self-Development Modules (Spring 2021):

Modules consists of various workshops/tutorials/activities to expose students to experiences that they may not engage/participate in on their own.  These experiences are to link students’ academics with future planning, majors and career development, as well as key skills in financial literacy, and research.

Students are required to complete three (3) Self-Development Modules by the end of the semester.

Due dates are as follows: March 1st; March 15th; April 12th

NOTE:* Financial Aid & Financial Literacy Module is Mandatory and should be students’ 1st Module, which is due March 1st

Module information is available on New Student Programs website and within the Modules tab in students’ WPS 1020/1030 Bb shell: Description, Requirements, How students’ attendance (participation) will be verified - Surveys/Certificates; and Final Reflection Questions that must be submitted/uploaded as an assignment in Bb to students’ respective Will. Power. Facilitator