Self-Directed Learning for Digital Skills Module

Self-Directed Learning for Digital Skills: Module Description and Requirements


This module is designed to introduce the concept of self-directed learning, as well as give you the opportunity to practice learning about a technology of your choice in a self-directed way. You will be using the LinkedIn Learning platform, which is provided to all members of the William Paterson Community. After getting some information about self-directed learning and taking the LinkedIn Learning technology course, you will have gained some digital skills that you didn’t have before, and you will have taught yourself using the LinkedIn Learning resources! After that, you will answer some Final Reflection Questions to finish the module.  


There are three sections to this module. You must complete all three in order to get credit for the module. Please keep in mind that you must submit what is assigned in the 2nd and 3rd parts of the module to your Will. Power. 101 Facilitator (not the Module contact person listed below).  

1. Take the survey: You will read about Self-directed Learning and answer a few questions.. 

2. Take a technology course in LinkedIn Learning: Access LinkedIn Learning through WP Connect (login first), or login with your WPU email address at: In order to get credit, submit the LinkedIn Learning certificate from the course to your Will. Power. 101 facilitator.   

3. Write a one page reflection paper on the previous two experiences, and answer these questions before submitting the paper to your Will. Power. 101 facilitator.  Answer both A and B.

A. Why do you think self-directed learning is important? Did participating in this module change your mind about self-directed learning? If so, please explain how your perception of self-directed learning has changed. If not, provide an explanation as to why your view on self-directed learning has not changed.  
B. Which LinkedIn Learning course did you select Why did you choose this particular LinkedIn Learning course? What are three takeaways from the course you can use right away? Was this course connected to your current or future major and/or goals? Would you be interested in participating in additional LinkedIn Learning courses and why? 

Remember to submit your answers to your Will. Power. 101 Facilitator.


Contact Person: Gamin Bartle –